Wagner Chief Vows to Overthrow Moscow's Military Command

Bullion Bite

In a bold declaration, the leader of the notorious Russian mercenary group, Wagner, pledged on Saturday to employ all necessary measures to topple the military leadership in Moscow, emphasizing that his forces would leave no stone unturned in achieving their objective.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the private military company, issued a resolute audio message, reiterating his determination to sideline Russia's military command. Although Prigozhin asserted that his forces had already entered the southern Russian region of Rostov, he refrained from presenting any concrete evidence to support his claim. Independent verification of these assertions by AFP remains unattainable at present.

"We shall eradicate any obstacle obstructing our path," Prigozhin asserted emphatically, further underscoring the unwavering resolve of his troops.

The ongoing feud between Prigozhin and the Russian defense ministry has escalated in recent months, with the former accusing Moscow of orchestrating lethal missile attacks against his forces. In response, Prigozhin made it clear that he intended to retaliate and called upon fellow Russians to join his ranks, presenting a brazen challenge to President Vladimir Putin and the military leadership—a move that stands as the most audacious threat posed to the Kremlin since the initiation of the Ukrainian offensive last year.

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