Kim Jong Un Expresses Solidarity and Support to Russia on Russia Day

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In a gesture of camaraderie and allegiance, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un conveyed his nation's unwavering solidarity and support to Moscow on Russia Day, according to reports from state media on Monday.

Kim's message, delivered on the occasion of Russia's national day, emphasized the enduring friendship between the two nations. Although it made no explicit mention of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine or Moscow's involvement, the message lauded President Vladimir Putin's astute decision-making and guidance in thwarting the escalating threats posed by hostile forces.

The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) published the message, highlighting the North Korean people's resolute backing and unwavering unity with the Russian people in their comprehensive struggle to safeguard their country's sovereign rights, development, and interests against imperialistic high-handedness and arbitrary practices.

This expression of support is the latest in a series of similar messages that Pyongyang has extended to Moscow since the onset of the Ukrainian war. North Korea characterizes the conflict as a proxy war orchestrated by the United States, with the aim of undermining Russia, and condemns Western military assistance to Kyiv.

Back in January, the United States accused North Korea of supplying rockets and missiles to the Russian mercenary group known as Wagner. Pyongyang categorically refuted these allegations, denying any involvement.

Furthermore, in March, Washington claimed to possess evidence indicating Moscow's dependence on Pyongyang for weaponry to support its offensive operations in Ukraine, allegedly in exchange for food aid to the impoverished nation of North Korea.

Russia, as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, has consistently maintained a staunch position against escalating pressure on North Korea. The latter is already subject to a multitude of sanctions imposed by the UN and Western powers due to its nuclear weapons and missile programs.

The North Korean leader's message serves as a reinforcement of the long-standing alliance and mutual support shared between North Korea and Russia. Despite the geopolitical complexities surrounding both nations, their shared stance against external pressures continues to foster a sense of solidarity and understanding.

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