Bosch's BSH Division Charts Course for 3,500 Job Cuts by 2027

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Bosch's home appliances subsidiary, BSH, has announced plans to trim its workforce by 3,500 jobs by 2027. This strategic move underscores the ongoing turbulence faced by German manufacturers grappling with amplified costs and subdued demand.

BSH emphasized the imperative to streamline operations and curtail expenses to uphold its competitive edge amidst the prevailing economic headwinds. The company articulated the necessity to reassess existing frameworks and align with evolving market dynamics, signaling a proactive stance towards embracing burgeoning sectors.

The envisaged job cuts, primarily targeting indirect personnel, are poised to unfold gradually, with approximately 1,000 positions slated for elimination within the current fiscal year. BSH, which boasts a global workforce of around 60,000 individuals, with 17,000 based in Germany, underscores the breadth of the restructuring initiative.

Founded as a joint venture between Bosch and Siemens in 1967 before transitioning into full Bosch ownership nearly a decade ago, BSH has been an integral player in the home appliances landscape. However, the ongoing challenges in the industrial sector, exacerbated by surging energy expenses post-Russia's conflict in Ukraine and the ripple effects of heightened interest rates and subdued exports, have necessitated strategic recalibration.

BSH's initiative follows a broader trend within the German manufacturing realm, with contemporaries such as Bosch and Miele also embarking on workforce optimization drives. Bosch had previously disclosed plans to pare down its auto supply division by 1,500 jobs, aligning with the transformative trajectory towards electric vehicles. Similarly, Miele's decision to slash up to 2,700 positions underscores the pervasive nature of cost-cutting endeavors.

Beyond the realm of home appliances, other industrial stalwarts like Bayer and BASF have also signaled intent to rationalize their workforce. Bayer's contemplation of substantial staffing reductions mirrors the prevailing sentiment, while BASF's announcement of forthcoming job cuts further underscores the industry-wide imperative for efficiency enhancements.

Matthias Metz, CEO of BSH, delineated the contours of the job reduction strategy, indicating that the cuts would predominantly target administrative and internal service functions, sparing the production domain. This delineation underscores a concerted effort to optimize overheads while safeguarding core operational functions.

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