Economic Peril Looms as US Government Shutdown Threatens

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A senior Treasury official highlighted the perilous ramifications of a potential US government shutdown on the world's largest economy. Deputy Treasury Secretary, Wally Adeyemo, delivered this cautionary message during an address at the Economic Club of New York, underscoring the imminent threat as the month draws to a close.

The White House has urgently implored Congress to expedite a vote on a budget extension, seeking to avert a scenario that could effectively immobilize a significant portion of the federal government.

Adeyemo expressed measured optimism, crediting targeted investments for the nation's resilience. He emphasized, however, that a government shutdown would introduce unwelcome turbulence, disrupting economic demand and diminishing vital resources available to citizens.

He remarked, "What they all lead to is less demand in the economy, an economy in which the government is providing fewer resources to the American people," reinforcing the overarching detrimental impact such an eventuality would pose.

At present, a short-term "continuing resolution" is deemed imperative this month, safeguarding against any potential disruptions in government services as the new fiscal year commences on October 1.

Yet, the political landscape is marked by division, with Democrats commanding the Senate and Republicans controlling the House of Representatives. This political schism adds an extra layer of uncertainty to the prospects of a viable agreement.

This episode marks the second instance in recent months that the United States has grappled with financial instability due to political discord. Although Congress previously ratified spending limits within a June debt ceiling bill, economists at Pantheon Macroeconomics contend that "the extreme right of the Republican party was never happy with that bill."

The report, dated Monday, adds a disconcerting note, stating, "They now see an opportunity both to force through deeper cuts and to pursue a host of other objectives, including impeaching President (Joe) Biden."

Adeyemo also addressed the challenges confronting China, citing elevated rates of youth unemployment and a beleaguered property sector. While the world's second-largest economy possesses the resources and short-term resilience to address these issues, Adeyemo cautioned that China's more profound challenges are structural in nature, encompassing demographic shifts and other systemic concerns.

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