US Plays Down BRICS Bloc Expansion

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In a subdued response, the United States downplayed the inclusion of six fresh constituents into the BRICS consortium, a coalition of burgeoning economies, reiterating its commitment to collaborating with global partners across various frontiers.

During a recent assembly in South Africa, the BRICS coalition, which notably encompasses influential US rivals such as China and Russia, publicly declared the admission of novel participants, among them Iran – a historical adversary of the United States, traceable back to the 1979 Islamic revolution.

A spokesperson from the State Department conveyed, "The United States reasserts its stance that nations retain the prerogative to elect their affiliations and collective alliances." 

The spokesperson added, "We will persist in our endeavors alongside our compatriots and confederates in unilateral, regional, and plurilateral domains, aimed at fortifying our mutual prosperity and safeguarding global serenity."

Amid the developments, one prominent contender in this scenario is India, an incumbent BRICS member and concurrently a nation that has been earnestly courted by the United States.

In the following month, New Delhi is poised to spearhead a conclave for the Group of 20 (G20), an assemblage uniting preeminent established economies and burgeoning counterparts alike.

In a meeting held at the White House, Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor under the administration of US President Joe Biden, deliberated upon the impending G20 congregation. Concurrently, the discourse encompassed the reinforcement of backing towards Ukraine. Noteworthy participants in this dialogue included counterparts from nations such as Britain, France, Germany, and Italy.

Outlined in an official statement from the White House, the Western powers have expressed a desire for "formidable outcomes" during the impending rendezvous in New Delhi. These anticipated outcomes are poised to underpin the G20's role as a paramount forum fostering economic cooperation, steering a positive and ambitious schedule tailored to the requisites of burgeoning and emergent economies.

Against the backdrop of their annual summit, the BRICS consortium – an amalgamation of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – concurred to confer full membership status upon a fresh cohort of nations. Effective January 1, Argentina, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates are slated to assume their roles as comprehensive members within this coalition.

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