India Initiates Oil Payment to UAE in Rupees, Ditching USD Norms

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India has shaken up its economic ties by conducting its inaugural oil payment to the UAE in rupees. This move is part of a bilateral agreement that redefines trade norms between the two nations, opting for native currencies over the customary US dollar.

Reports from trusted sources confirm that India's prominent oil refiner has spearheaded this transformative change. The Indian Oil Corporation has defied tradition by opting to settle its substantial oil purchases from the UAE using the Indian Rupee, a shift acknowledged by the Indian Embassy in the UAE.

At the heart of this change lies India's strategic intent within the BRICS alliance. As the much-anticipated BRICS summit approaches, India's decision to initiate oil payments in rupees to the UAE underlines a resolute shift away from the dominance of the US dollar. This pivot towards local currency transactions signifies both countries' commitment to fostering bilateral trade in a currency of their choice.

The catalyst for this paradigm shift was a bilateral accord established in July. By allowing trade settlements in rupees, India gains a competitive edge by eliminating currency conversion costs, thus bolstering its economic ties while minimizing financial burdens.

The ramifications of sidelining the US dollar in oil transactions are substantial, especially considering the prominent role of the BRICS alliance in the global oil trade arena. Bilateral trade figures between India and the UAE have surged to a remarkable $84.5 billion between 2022 and 2023. This trend not only highlights their flourishing partnership but also paves the way for other oil-rich nations to align with BRICS, thereby diminishing the supremacy of the US dollar in this domain.

As the world watches the impending BRICS summit, India's audacious stride toward currency sovereignty resonates as a defining moment in modern economic diplomacy. This shift echoes broader recalibrations in the global financial landscape, emphasizing self-determination and mutual collaboration.

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