Italy's PM Raises Alarm Over Russia's Internal Chaos Amid Wagner Revolt

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Italy's Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, expressed her views on the internal state of Russia, stating that the recent revolt by the Wagner mercenary group indicated a state of "chaos" within the country. In a significant challenge to President Vladimir Putin's long-standing rule, Yevgeny Prighozin, the head of Wagner, announced that his forces had taken control of a crucial military headquarters overseeing the offensive in Ukraine.

Addressing the situation during her visit to Austria, Meloni highlighted the contradiction between the internal chaos in Russia and the propaganda that has been disseminated in recent months. She emphasized that Italy was actively collaborating with international allies to exchange information regarding the rapidly evolving developments. In response to the crisis, the Prime Minister called for an emergency meeting with Italian government ministers and intelligence services.

Speaking alongside Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer at the Europa-Forum Wachau, Meloni admitted the challenge of comprehending the unfolding events and the difficulty of predicting future outcomes. While reporters pressed for more information, she reiterated her continued focus on the situation in Ukraine.

Despite Italy's historically warm relations with Moscow, Meloni's coalition government has taken a firm stance against Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Italy has provided weapons and aid to Ukraine and has also been a staunch supporter of Western sanctions imposed on Russia. The recent events, according to Meloni's office, illustrate how the aggression against Ukraine has also led to instability within Russia itself.

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani took to Twitter to reassure Italians living in Russia, stating that there was currently no immediate concern. However, he advised them to exercise caution given the evolving circumstances.

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