BOCI Leads the Way with China's First Ethereum-Based Tokenized Security

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The digital asset landscape has witnessed significant developments recently, with US regulators taking a firm stance on crypto exchanges. In contrast, China has taken a major leap forward in the field. Chinese bank BOCI has made history by officially launching the country's inaugural tokenized security. Collaborating with UBS, the offering has been issued on the Ethereum blockchain, marking a significant achievement for the Chinese financial industry.

Previously, UBS had pioneered the project by introducing a USD 50 million tokenized fixed-rate note in 2022. The success of that endeavor laid the foundation for the partnership between BOCI and UBS, allowing the two institutions to develop a similar offering tailored for Chinese clients. As a result, BOCI issued fully digital structured notes worth CNH 200 million, making it the first Chinese financial institution to tokenize a security in Hong Kong.

In an official statement, UBS highlighted the groundbreaking nature of the transaction: "This transaction marks the first product of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region, complying with both Hong Kong and Swiss law, and tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain. It successfully introduces regulated securities onto a public blockchain." The collaboration between BOCI and UBS is pushing the boundaries of applicable regulations and exploring the potential of blockchain technology.

Ms. Ying Wang, Deputy CEO of BOCI, expressed her enthusiasm for the development: "By working in partnership with UBS, we are actively simplifying digital asset markets and products, facilitating innovation and accessibility. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to driving the digital transformation of Hong Kong's financial industry and promoting its innovative development."

Aurelian Troendle, Global Head of MTN Trading at UBS, emphasized the growing interest among clients in Asia-Pacific for fully regulated digital asset products. Troendle highlighted the efficiency gains blockchain technology brings to high-frequency issuance activities, ultimately benefiting investors.

The successful issuance of the tokenized security by BOCI represents a significant milestone in the Chinese financial landscape. It demonstrates China's commitment to embracing digitalization and innovation in its financial industry while conforming to regulatory frameworks. This development sets the stage for further exploration and adoption of blockchain-based solutions within the region, bringing new opportunities for investors and marking a turning point in the evolution of digital economies.

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