'X-Date' Looms: Treasury Secretary Yellen Warns of Impending Debt-Ceiling Crisis

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has once again issued a stark warning to Congress, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the impending debt-ceiling issue before the "X-Date" of June 1st. In a letter to lawmakers, Yellen, maintaining her apolitical stance, highlighted the limited time frame within which the US government will exhaust its extraordinary measures to meet its financial obligations.

The US Treasury Department recently disclosed that it had approximately $88 billion remaining in extraordinary measures as of May 10th, significantly down from the previous week's $110 billion. This means that a mere quarter of the authorized $333 billion in measures is still available to prevent the government from reaching its borrowing limit imposed by the statutory debt ceiling.

The dwindling reserve of extraordinary measures raises concerns about the government's ability to pay its bills and obligations, including salaries, pensions, and other essential expenditures. Yellen's letter serves as a reminder that the clock is ticking, urging swift action to avert a potentially catastrophic scenario.

The debt-ceiling debate remains a contentious issue between Democrats and Republicans in Congress. While Democrats advocate for a "clean" increase in the borrowing limit without additional conditions, Republicans are seeking budget cuts and policy concessions in exchange for their support. The polarized stance of the two parties has intensified the uncertainty surrounding the resolution of this critical matter.

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