Trump Slams Macron for 'Kissing Xi's Ass'

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Former US President Donald Trump made headlines on Tuesday when he criticized French President Emmanuel Macron's recent trip to China, accusing him of "kissing [Xi Jinping's] ass." Trump made the remarks during an interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, his first mainstream media appearance since being indicted in New York. Trump suggested that Macron's visit to China was an example of how the United States had lost influence in the world since he left office.

Macron's trip to China caused controversy after he warned against European countries getting caught up in the tense standoff between Beijing and Washington over Taiwan. In remarks to journalists, Macron cautioned against Europe becoming "just America's followers" on the topic of Taiwan and instead advocated for building Europe's strategic autonomy. The comments sparked concern in Washington, but the White House downplayed the situation, stating that the Biden administration remains "comfortable and confident in the terrific bilateral relationship we have with France."

The incident highlights the ongoing tensions between the US and China over issues such as Taiwan, trade, and human rights, and how they are playing out on the global stage. It also shows how other countries, such as France, are trying to navigate these tensions and assert their own interests and autonomy in the face of pressure from both sides. As the US and China continue to jostle for power and influence, it remains to be seen how other nations will respond and what the long-term implications of this geopolitical rivalry will be.

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