Nissan Plans to Make 80% of Model Line-Up Electric by 2030, Says COO at Shanghai Auto Show

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Japanese automaker Nissan Motor is aiming to electrify 80% of its model line-up by 2030, according to the company's chief operating officer, Ashwani Gupta. The plan includes having seven electric vehicle (EV) models by 2026, with the aim of making their products competitive enough on price to fight domestic rivals in China. Gupta noted that China had already reached the tipping point, where customers were willing to accept EVs as their main car.

Nissan has been a major player in the global automotive industry and has already taken significant steps toward its goal of electrification, with models like the Leaf and Ariya. The company's latest announcement comes amid growing demand for EVs around the world, driven by both environmental concerns and advances in technology. It is also in line with China's push to reduce emissions and promote EVs, which is one of the key drivers behind the growth of the EV market in the country.

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