Donald Trump Arrives in New York for Historic Criminal Arraignment

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On the eve of his historic arraignment, former US President Donald Trump returned to his New York skyscraper on Monday, where he will face criminal charges for the first time in his life. The 76-year-old Republican will be formally charged on Tuesday over hush money paid to a porn star during the 2016 election that brought him to power. Trump, the first US president ever to be criminally indicted, arrived at his Trump Tower residence on Fifth Avenue under tight security, after flying from Florida, in a journey that was given wall-to-wall live coverage on US television.

The former president is expected to use his arraignment in a Manhattan courthouse on Tuesday to rouse support for his potential re-election bid. Trump has been trying to convince his supporters that he is being targeted by Democrats, and that they are coming after them, not him. He posted a dozen messages on his social media platform Truth Social, en route from his Florida mansion to New York, urging his followers to stand by him. Security in the city has been increased, with police on high alert and Secret Service agents stationed outside both Trump Tower and the courthouse in Lower Manhattan.

The arraignment will follow the standard booking procedure, where Trump will be fingerprinted and photographed, resulting in one of the most famous mugshots of the modern era. Despite the security measures in place, Mayor Eric Adams warned that anyone protesting violently will be arrested and held accountable, no matter who they are. While there are no specific, credible threats, the mayor urged everyone to control themselves and not cause any trouble. Trump's arraignment will be closely watched as it could potentially throw the entire 2024 White House race into turmoil, especially if he decides to run for president again.

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