The Tyrannical Threat of Central Bank Digital Currency: How CBDCs Could Undermine Global Freedom

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The Tyrannical Threat of Central Bank Digital Currency: How CBDCs Could Undermine Global Freedom

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is the greatest threat to global freedom, as it is completely traceable and controllable by the government and corporations with the right access. This means they could see exactly how you spend your money and even control what you buy. However, due to the significant political opposition, CBDCs cannot be legislated into existence at the moment. So, tyrants are creating financial emergencies that will make CBDCs necessary. The Biden Administration is printing endless money and limiting America's ability to produce its goods, which will likely result in economic collapse. Black Rock and Vanguard, WEF/CCP partners, are leveraging their positions in small and mid-sized banks to force them to accept terrible ESG and other risky investments, resulting in their collapse.

The tyrants are also pushing legislation that allows CBDCs to exist legally and without competition, and they're doing so on the state level. These bills appear harmless but are written to create a check-mate situation when CBDCs come into play, which will leave some states unable to oppose them. The Uniform Law Commission (ULC) is promoting bills that would change the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to ensure that states have state law prepared to deal with CBDC. These same bills would ban current forms of crypto, like Bitcoin, as competition for CBDCs. These UCC changes reflect state law changes to meet the goals laid out by the Fed.

Bills promoting these changes are being pushed hard in red states such as Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee, as well as in other states. Republican legislators are being handed these CBDC bills but are not being told what they truly represent, and because they're so complex and lengthy, most elected officials will not read them. An example from HB1165 in Missouri is a change to Missouri law that will facilitate CBDC without actually talking about it. These changes are quite expertly crafted to fool Republicans into filing the bills, even if they read them.

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