Biden's Greenhouse Plans Boost Progressive Planet's PozGlass Solution to Reduce Cement Emissions

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Biden's Greenhouse Plans Boost Progressive Planet's PozGlass Solution to Reduce Cement Emissions

Progressive Planet's cement solution is one of the five ways to benefit from Biden’s new greenhouse plans. The Biden Administration has declared its intention to cut greenhouse gas emissions from industrial sectors. The cement industry produces significant carbon emissions, and Progressive Planet's CleanTech solution has the potential to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. Progressive Planet has signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Lafarge Canada, the country's largest cement producer. The MOU is intended to explore a partnership that will see Lafarge purchase all the PozGlass produced by Progressive Planet’s pilot plant in Kamloops, BC, Canada. The PozGlass 100G product is a sustainable alternative to many of the carbon-intensive ingredients used in cement, and Lafarge will test its commercial possibilities. Lafarge will be the exclusive cement industry partner in testing and implementing PozGlass into cement products.

The value proposition of the PozGlass solution is that replacing some of the Portland cement with equivalent amounts of PozGlass can reduce the carbon footprint of cement. Progressive Planet has hired a Canadian greenhouse gas emissions consulting firm, Brightspot Climate Inc., to measure the carbon footprint of PozGlass using data gathered from the pilot plant. Progressive Planet's CEO, Steve Harpur, said Lafarge was the ideal partner to work with to take this solution to commercial markets and help the world fight climate change and achieve a Net Zero future.

Other cleantech stocks to watch include Sunrun, which provides residential solar, storage, and energy services; Plug Power, which provides hydrogen solutions for the green hydrogen economy; First Solar, which designs and manufactures solar panels and systems; and Clean Energy Fuels, which provides renewable natural gas and other alternative fuels.

The article notes that the Biden Administration's new greenhouse plans are great news for companies like Progressive Planet. With cement emissions growing faster than most other carbon sources, the cement industry is under increasing pressure to reduce its carbon footprint. California has already passed a law requiring mandatory emissions reductions from cement manufacturing, and other states are likely to follow. As the world fights climate change, there is growing interest in sustainable alternatives to carbon-intensive products. The PozGlass solution is an example of the kind of innovation that could help the cement industry reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

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